Are you losing half of your marketing audience?

Half of all emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet.

But when your customers tap on a link in your latest newsletter, what will they see? A web page that was designed for a much larger screen. One that isn't optimized for the on-the-go experience.

Which means they're not going to buy your product. Or sign up for your service. All your hard work just got deleted, and you've lost a potential sale. Or worse, a potential customer.

Wouldn't it be great if each link in your marketing sent your customers to a page that was designed for the device they're using right now?

Tell your links where to go with LinkSense.

When you use LinkSense links in your marketing campaigns, you control where each click or tap goes based on the device being used. Want mobile devices to go to a separate page? No problem. Need to give your tablet-based customers a special experience? We've got you covered.

LinkSense links can also determine the operating system of each device, so you can send iPhones to one destination, Androids to another, and Windows Phones to a third. Perfect for app developers - send your customers to the right app store for their device with just a single link!

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How It Works

  1. Your marketing team creates a new LinkSense shortlink and sets the destinations for each device type and operating system. (You can use our domain or add your own shortlink domain!)
  2. The shortlink is added to your marketing materials.
  3. When the link is clicked or tapped, the request is sent to the LinkSense system.
  4. LinkSense determines the device being used, and selects the destination your team set up for the device's type and operating system.
  5. The user is instantly redirected to the appropriate destination.
  6. LinkSense records vital statistics about the redirection event, so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

All this happens in a fraction of a second, so your users aren't left waiting around!

All The Fixin's

Here are just a few of the features LinkSense provides:

  • Our device recognition engine identifies Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets
  • Use our shortlink domain, or add your own shortlink domain
  • Full statistics dashboard shows traffic breakdowns by device
  • Organize your links into campaigns to organize your statistics to match your marketing needs
  • COMING SOON! Optional email summary of each day's statistics sent to your inbox

Ready for your private tour?

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