Want more app downloads?
You need a smarter link.

No more dealing with a separate link for each app store. With a single LinkSense link, send your customers to the right app store every time.

Perfect for text messages, Twitter and email!


How It Works

Create Your Link

Give us your download links for each app store, we give you back one link that works for all devices. Apple, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry - they're all covered. Tablets too!

Tell the World

Your links can go anywhere - websites, email, print and social media. But they really shine in text messages and Twitter, where space is at a premium.

Customers Engage

Every time someone one of your links, LinkSense detects the device being used, then sends the customer to the destination you've chosen for their device. All in a fraction of a second!

Analyze and Discover

Track the performance of each link over time. Break out the results by device type, operating system, and more. Our analytics give you a deeper insight into your audience and help you fine-tune your marketing.

As Many Links As You Need

Need more than a single link for your app, so you can keep better track of your marketing campaigns? Have two or more apps to track? Want to be able to customize your link URL's to synchronize your marketing and improve click-through? We've got you covered.

All for only $49 per month!

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